December 15, 2000
Section: Albany/NYS
Edition: Schenectady Albany; Final
Page: B-04
Column: News in Brief -- New York State

Albany lawyer offers $10K reward after office is shot up

ALBANY - A local lawyer said he will pay a $10,000 cash reward for information leading to the arrest and felony convicion of the person responsible for firing a bullet into his Madison Avenue office. Attorney Randall Kehoe's Alany Law School degree is now decorated with a single bullet hole and fragments of glass after someone shot into his first-floor office flat at 127 Madison Ave. Police were notified Thursay morning when Kehoe first noticed the hole. He said he isn't sure whether the bullet entered the front window of his ofice over night or Thursday morning as he was cleaning the office. Police suspect it hapened overnight, said Detective James Miller, the Albany Police public relations officer. No other incidents were reported in that area overnight or Thursday morning, he added. Kehoe said he would pay the reward only to one person, only if the arrest leads to a "felonious conviction." "I think that firing into an empty building or an occupied building is a felony," he said. Depending on certain circumtances of this particular incident, Albany police said that may be true.

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