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We are one of New York's most affordable traffic ticket defense firms. With over 22 years experience, the Law Office of Randall E. Kehoe knows how to help you save money and protect you from points, high fines, license suspensions and other penalties. We go to court for you and fight for the best possible outcome in court, whether by reduction of charges or complete dismissal. Representing clients in the Upstate area and Hudson Valley since 1990.

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Whether you have been charged with speeding (1180a, 1180b, 1180c, 1180d, 1180e, 1180f, or 1180g), 1144-a ("Move Over Law"), Aggravated Unlicensed Operation (A.U.O.), 1110(a), Logbook violations, cell phone, portable electronic device violation or any other Vehicle & Traffic law violation, we know what to do. Attorney Randall Kehoe has been defending clients with these kinds of charges and more in local courts throughout New York state. We know what the courts, judges, District Attorney, and officers want and how to approach each type of case. From simple traffic violations to serious criminal misdemeanors, from motorcyle drivers to commercial CDL truck drivers, we have seen it all. We regularly negotiate plea bargain reductions as well as guide drivers through the requirements of county-specific Traffic Diversion Programs to secure a complete dismissal of your charges. In cases where no resolution be reached between us and the prosecutors, we will hold a trial at no extra charge. And no matter if you are a New York, Canadian, or driver from another state or country, we know how the laws apply to in-state as well as out-of-state drivers. We understand the role DMV plays and the rules of your local Motor Vehicle department.

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New York traffic lawyers are very busy. Our state is known for aggressively enforcing the Vehicle & Traffic laws and State Troopers and local officers generously issue tickets in New York City boroughs, the Capital District (Albany, Schenectady, Troy), and the Binghamton area (Broome County). To best assist you, we have forms availalbe on our website where you can send us the details of your case 24/7. Mr. Kehoe also takes calls personally after-hours as well as weekends and holidays. We pride ourselves in offering affordable legal services and being accessible in what you will no doubt consider a very stressful situation. When you hire our office, we'll be happy to give you an update of your case at any time.

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